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This outreach is worthy of your support. Greg performs over 200 concerts per year, visiting churches, inner-city schools, rescue missions, prisons and Indian Reservations. He brings joy, encouragement and the message of Jesus Christ wherever He goes. This ministry is made possible by donations from wonderful people like you.

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Greg Strange Ministries
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“Greg Strange is hilarious. He adds just the right amount of comedy to get the audience’s attention then brings a message to lead people to a commitment to Christ. Our congregation always loves having him and our young people ask about the next time he is coming back. He is a tremendous instrumentalist and vocalist. Everyone loves his music!” -      Pastor Gene Smith,
     Platte Valley Christian Center
     Saratoga WY

“Greg has a heart for Christian schools. His message is well accepted by the students. His ability to use comedy in his music and messages to students is outstanding. Students are very open to the Gospel message. His songs are funny and everyone has a great time at his concerts!” –      Jeanne Boyd/Administrator
     Paradise Valley Christian School
     Casper WY






Celebrating 20 Years

Fall of 2011 marks the 20 year anniversary of Greg Strange Ministries. During this span of time, Greg has performed over 3000 concerts to an estimated 1/2 million people! He has recorded 12 different CD's and had two top 10 radio singles. He continues touring today, averaging 150 concerts per year. His performances have always included a time of praise & worship, funny songs, stories and a message from God's Word. He has seen an unprecedented number of individuals come to Christ these last couple years. These 20 years of touring have been made possible by the generous support of many individuals. If you would like to join with this unique non-profit ministry financially, please send your checks to: Greg Strange Ministries, PO Box 140643 Nashville TN 37214. You will receive a tax-deductable receipt at the end of the year. Thanks for helping with us in impacting lives across the U.S.

Greg's lastest CD with 6 new songs sung to the tunes of classic songs.

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The Taco Bell Jingle

ASK GREG . . .

Question: Hey Greg, your car is like...really small (Toyota Yaris) , what's up with that? Shelly M.-Fort Smith AR

Answer #1-Yea, when I bought it, it actually came with a helmet!

Answer #2-Oh, I was cleaning out my truck and found this car in the glove box.

Answer #3-Well, it's the only vehicle I could fit in my carry-on luggage.

Answer #4-We went to McDonalds last year and I found this car in my happy meal!

Answer #5-As part of Toyota's recall program, they took two-thirds of my car back

My Son Needs A Haircut

Top Ten excuses given to escape
a much needed haircut:

10. It provides more cushion under my football helmet.
9. I'm not in the Air Force yet!
8. I have this school play where I need long hair for my character.
7. I'm too tired.
6. I can still see!
5. You just see it when it's messed up.
4. This is how they wear it on "Twilight".
3. I'm having my picture made with the guys next week.
2. I'm growing it out to give to cancer victims.
1. My friends don't have to get their hair cut!







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The Taco Bell Jingle